The sound installation Morphogenesis is part of the exhibition Shedsound in Shedhalle Tübingen 17. June - 11. July 2015 alongside Jessica Ekomane Etoua, Jasmine Guffond among others.

(24.03.2015) Morphogenesis, literally “the beginning of shape”, is a term first used by mathematician Alan Turing to explain the process of how organisms form from a single cell into complex organisms with limbs, branches or leaves.
Presented as part of the Master exibition for Sound Studies, Universität der Künste, Berlin, Morphogenesis is a sound installation consisting of a structure of copper wire, 11 piezo microphones and 11 speakers playing back subsonic frequencies, below 20 Hz. The speaker elements, connected by a string to the copper structure, makes the structure move, creating sound that is picked up by piezo microphones. The sound is at the centre of this cycle of movement, starting from chaos and, by a varying degree of random changes, seeks order.

Presenting new developments of Mirrored/Mirror in Norway at the Ekko Festival, @ Østre in Bergen 23. October
+ a micro verison of the set @ Brugata, Oslo 25. Oct alongside Jasmine Guffond and Biblo
New material, new bamboo, new max msp machinery, and light experiments by Blank Blank!